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Medium: Mixed (Krita, Sampling/Collage, AI & more) Format: Mixed (JPEG, PNG, WEBP) Dimension: Mixed Bitcoin ordinals inscription range: 10341720-18375707

Sex, Scotch & Soda Inscription #10341720

An ode to unforgettable moments on Hamilton Island, Australia. A three-month stay with my girlfriend and a childhood friend.

Manifesto Inscription #10422755

The work that introduced me to new creative techniques. Manifesto is the declaration of my ideas on composition.

Roadtrip Inscription #10704776

A final trip up north that unveiled the raw beauty of my homeland and the last time I saw my friend.

Villa Passiflora Inscription #11872519

Saber's villa, where the garden bursts with purple flowers.

Blood, Lemon & Tango Inscription #12608532

A blend of intense emotions and vivid memories from a time in Taganga, Colombia. A tribute to friendships and the loss of a dear mentor—a testament to cross-cultural bonds and personal growth.

Basquiat Inscription #12647411

I couldn't afford a Basquiat, so I made my own. This piece is a silent dialogue between strokes, colors and uncharted techniques.

Moonlight Motel Inscription #12890029

Where stories of the night come alive, there's always a silent witness dancing with secrets.

Le Dessinateur Inscription #13944554

A tribute to my grand-father, an idea-man and a draftsman. Evoking memories of my childhood that are hard to describe with words.

Biarritz Inscription #14038715

"Je rêve de Biarritz en été"

Playa Zicatela Inscription #14932875

My casual afternoon basking under the sun on this vast beach kissed by rolling waves.

Elsewhere #1 Inscription #16732931

Mythical nights in Surfers Paradise. An enchanting blend of reality and legend under the moonlit sky.

Race Week Inscription #16733108

Elevated excess on Crescent Street.

Wisdom Inscription #16794668

A personal reflection on the depths and insights growing older brings.

Bahia Principal Inscription #16955571

A personal rendition of the place I now call home.

Adriatic View Inscription #18291138

Embracing the tranquility of gentle waves splashing on ancient shores, where the horizon teases timeless moments like before.

Himarë Inscription #18297557

A tranquil afternoon, where time graciously slows for us.

Gjipe Inscription #18300163

Encountering pristine beaches and the mesmerizing shimmer of crystal-clear waters on the Albanian coast.

Αθήνα Inscription #18375707

Immersed in the ancient streets and ruins of Athens, retracing steps of history and marvel.