Le Bar à Tapas

From minimalist to ordinalist: A glimpse into my days in Tenerife. This series was born during a time of high fees, which led me to explore new ways of creating and adapting to my new canvas, namely Bitcoin. These handcrafted pieces are meant to capture simple moments of my time in Spain and serve as immutable mementos of my life.

Max Supply: 5 pieces Price: 0.00169 BTC per unit SOLD OUT Secondary Marketplace: Link

Medium: Krita Format: PNG Dimension: 50 × 50 Bitcoin ordinals inscription range: 10230405-10279185

OK Inscription #10230405

It was more than ok, this was a stunning afternoon.

Tenerife Inscription #10267494

A sunset with Georgi, his wife and daughter.

Sunset Inscription #10268296

Sunset in Puerto de la Cruz

Sunday Morning Inscription #10271600

My last morning on the island. I wished I could stay in bed because I was hungover.

Sushi Inscription #10279185

The night before Sunday was a wild one. I had sushi and a lot of alcohol among other things.