Capturing a tumultuous journey through Berlin's grayish days and pulsating nights. This series is a tribute to rain-soaked revelries, intoxicating encounters, and the liberation found in this—a raw, unfiltered snapshot of life and self-discovery amidst Berlin's nightlife.

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Medium: Krita Format: PNG Dimension: 512 x 512 Bitcoin ordinals inscription range: 12858169 to 14775693

Revaler Straße 99 Inscription #12858169

Denise Inscription #13196808

99 Francs Inscription #13198199

Berghain Inscription #13804509

Rain in Friedrichshain Inscription #14290466

Jusqu'à l'Aube Inscription #14746136

Mitte Inscription #14748487

Le Clochard Inscription #14775693