Candidly Yours

Digitally hand drawn and processed with p5js texture filters, this series invites you to take a candid glimpse into the artist's inner thoughts. Each piece serves as a unique snapshot, capturing moments of introspection, inspiration, and personal reflection.

Max Supply: 8 pieces Price: SOLD-OUT @ 0.0121 BTC per unit Grand-Parent: Inscription 329714 Parent: Inscription 44433543

Medium: Mixed (Krita & P5JS) Format: HTML-PNG (High resolution PNG downloadable on-chain) Dimension: 1800x3200 Bitcoin ordinals inscription range: 44433543-46330096 On vintage sats from block 9

Primitive Parent Inscription Inscription #44433543

Bacocho Inscription #44472037

Coral Inscription #44490166

L'Abreuvoir Inscription #44712570

La Carte Inscription #44854531

Désinvolte Inscription #44978613

Les Tombeaux Inscription #44992054

Printemps Inscription #46330096