La Tentation

A seductive paradox, where the allure of temptation meets the purity of restraint. In this curated generative series, I work with a simple extended grid composition and a set of vivid color palettes, exploring the fine line between indulgence and control. This is a continuation of my work with code, where I put a lot of emphasis on textures and mixing colors.

Max Supply: 16 pieces SOLD-OUT @0.0169 BTC per unit Grand-Parent: Inscription 329714 Parent: Inscription 55471540

Medium: P5JS Format: HTML-PNG (High resolution PNG downloadable on-chain) Dimension: 1800  x  3200 Bitcoin ordinals inscription range: 55471540 to 56302439 On vintage sats from block 9

La Tentation Nº0 Parent Inscription Inscription 55471540

La Tentation Nº1 Inscription 55504982

La Tentation Nº2 Inscription 55512685

La Tentation Nº3 Inscription 55529933

La Tentation Nº4 Inscription 55531545

La Tentation Nº5 Inscription 55542240

La Tentation Nº6 Inscription 55584534

La Tentation Nº7 Inscription 55597488

La Tentation Nº8 Inscription 55632267

La Tentation Nº9 Inscription 55977779

La Tentation Nº10 Inscription 56068224

La Tentation Nº11 Inscription 56083372

La Tentation Nº12 Inscription 56290846

La Tentation Nº13 Inscription 56296520

La Tentation Nº14 Inscription 56299880

La Tentation Nº15 Inscription 56302439