A generative abstraction of the past. In this series I'm blending physical and digital textures while playing with color palettes that reminds me of my younger days in Montreal.

Max Supply 8 pieces Not For Sale Grand-Parent: Inscription 329714 Parent: Inscription 56915684

Medium: P5JS Format: HTML-PNG (High resolution PNG on-chain) Dimension: 1800  x  3200 Bitcoin ordinals inscription range: 56915684 to 58279150 On vintage sats from block 9

De Sève Parent Inscription Inscription 56915684

LaSalle Inscription 56927685

Five Roses Inscription 57371877

Rue Cuvillier Inscription 57524929

La Banquise Inscription 57572269

Saint-Léonard Inscription 57797221

Le Belvédère Inscription 57989840

Rue Saint-Paul Inscription 58279150