In this generative series, I aim to depict a simple life of surf and sun, capturing the essence of Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca. Through geometric micro-textures, I pay homage to a place where nature, culture, and simplicity coexist, representing my home of the past few years.

Max Supply: 8 Price: SOLD-OUT via dutch auction 0.0099 BTC - 0.0059 BTC Secondary Marketplace: Link

Medium: P5JS Format: HTML Recursion (High resolution PNG downloadable on-chain) Dimension: 3600x6400 6400x3600 Bitcoin ordinals inscription range: 28917896-29974773

#0 Inscription #28917896

Alligator Inscription #28921911

Sunday Inscription #28956630

El Tiburón Inscription #29050742

#4 Inscription #29173505

Surf Shop Inscription #29283922

Coconut Hut Inscription #29974354

El Rio Inscription #29974773