Exhibited at Ordinals Summit in Singapore (Sept 23')

"Old-Fashioned" is a blend of tradition and a grand vision. Inscribed on vintage sats from block 78, this collection pushes the boundaries of on-chain art by presenting ultra-high resolution (20K) artworks on Bitcoin. Each pieces use a combination of randomness in layout and texture design, coupled with a probability-based color selection that adds a layer of intrigue into the creation process. Additionally, viewers can find intriguing notes embedded within the HTML header of each artwork, offering a deeper glimpse into the narrative behind the tradition.

Max Supply: 16 pieces Price: SOLD-OUT @ 0.00888 BTC per unit Secondary Market: Link

Medium: P5JS Format: HTML Recursion (High resolution PNG downloadable on-chain) Dimension: 19998 x 19998 Bitcoin ordinals inscription range: 25934739-25948354 On vintage sats from block 78

Monarchy Inscription #25934739

La vie en double Inscription #25936306

Colorado Inscription #25936307

About You Inscription #25936308

Simple Things Inscription #25936309

Tuna Inscription #25936310

Le 1280 rue Beauregard Inscription #25936311

1961 Inscription #25937942

Rabbi Inscription #25937943

L'Artiste Inscription #25937944

Midnight Life Inscription #25937945

Le Coureur de Bois Inscription #25937946

Shelling Out Inscription #25941747

Longueuil Inscription #25941748

Grey Inscription #25946570

Orange Why Not Inscription #25948354