SUB-500K Collections

The early days of my ordinals journey.


The Mysterious World of Cypherville Ordinals. Your mission is to safeguard the future of Bitcoin. And it's up to you to figure out who is who. Good luck! Longevity concept. Each creature can claim their descendant (DeVille) - check the status of your creature on Magic Eden. Send DM for more info. Exclusive Web Gallery & Twitter: & @CyphervilleORD 16 pieces SOLD OUT @ 0.069 BTC per unit Medium: AI Format: JPEG Bitcoin ordinals inscription range: 12136-419696


Descendants of Cypherville. Max Supply: 16 pieces Medium: Mixed (AI, Krita, P5JS) Format: HTML Recursion (High resolution PNG on-chain) Dimension: 2500 x 2500 Bitcoin ordinals inscription range: 53979267 to ? On vintage sats from block 9 Grand-Parent-Child Provenance

Cypherville Comics

From The Oracle of Cypherville. 3 pieces Currently Not For Sale Medium: Mixed (AI, Canva & Twitter) Format: JPEG Bitcoin ordinals inscription range: 139559-1592


An amalgam of portraits. 17 pieces (No max supply) See marketplace for price or ask for availability. Medium: Mixed (AI, Krita, Sampling/Collage, iArtbook) Format: Mixed (JPEG, PNG, MP4, WEBP) Bitcoin ordinals inscription range: 160999-8153341

Portrait 2490

90 portraits of robots and/or human in year 2490. What are we gonna look like down the road? 90 pieces MINT OUT FREE + 0.001 BTC inscription fee Medium: AI Format: JPEG Bitcoin ordinals inscription range: 233841-297100